Tarot Tuition

Everything you need to know to successfully interpret and use Tarot Cards to give accurate readings for yourself and others.

Private Tarot lessons from Scottish Medium and Tarot reader, Linda Hughes. These are booked as six hour long sessions over several weeks to teach you everything you need to know about Tarot to confidently read for yourself and others with accuracy.
This tuition is suitable for you if Tarot is something you are simply feeling called to explore to enhance your own spiritual wellbeing or something you wish to learn in order to start your own spiritual business or add as a new service to your existing business.

Click HERE to Book your block of six lessons.(£185)

Alternatively, if you are confident using the cards and wish to just book a single Tarot lesson to brush up on your skills, get advice about starting your own business as a Tarot reader or just want clarity to grow your confidence in one area of using the cards, you can book a single hour of Tarot Tuition by clicking HERE. (£40)

These lessons are delivered in private lessons on ZOOM, teaching all the required elements of Tarot reading to give you sound knowledge and confidence in reading accurately for yourself and others. In addition there will be daily journal prompts for you to establish a deep and personal understanding of the cards and worksheets with popular card spreads.

Reading Tarot can be a very valuable source of income for you are considering starting or currently have an established spiritual business. With a resurgence in the popularity of Tarot, combined with the insight, healing and guidance it can offer people, readings can generate an income of between £30 – £60 per session. Meaning you can earn your investment back for this Tarot training with just a few paying clients.

Tuition schedule:

Session 1: How to select cards that are right for you and how to programme them for use.  How to care for and cleanse your deck. Understanding the difference between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana cards.

Session 2: Learning 50 of the cards. Cards 1-10 of the Major Arcana and all suit cards 1-10. My unique method of teaching will allow you to get very familiar with 50 of the 78 cards in just one hour.

Session 3: The Major Arcana. Cards 11-22.

Session 4: Court Cards. The pages, Knights, Queens and Kings.

Session 5: How to open and close a reading. How to interpret the cards in a traditional in-depth 10 card Celtic Cross Spread. How to perform a simple 3 card spread for clarity on any given situation.

Session 6: Q and A session to give you complete clarity and confidence to work with the cards. How to set yourself up to do readings professionally.

At the end of the tuition, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group to use it as a safe space to practice reading for other students and grow your confidence in using the cards.

With love,



Linda Hughes. Founder of Mindful Wishes.


Please note my surname has recently changed to Hughes after getting married.