Online Tarot Workshop

Join me online for an interactive group workshop on Zoom on Thursday 21st January at 7pm (UK Time) as we explore the story of The Fools Journey – Part 1. Learning in-depth the stories hidden within Tarot will help you read with more accuracy for yourself and others. The fools journey is a key story contained within the cards, packed full of insights on thoughts, feelings and behaviours we all experience at certain times in life. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners, those wishing to deepen their existing knowledge of the cards or those who want to improve the accuracy of their readings.

In this workshop I will be teaching the first part of The fools Journey, helping you to learn 21 of the 78 Tarot cards with confidence and ease. This will enable you to not only remember the card meanings and be able to recall their meanings on sight, but it will show you how the cards relate to each other so you can impart this wisdom in a way that has a transformative positive impact on the people you are reading for.

You’ll also have a whole lot of fun as you meet like-minded people from around the world, in a relaxed learning environment, from the comfort of your own home. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and receive specific coaching from me to help you learn in a way that works for you.

Click here to secure your space. £15

The workshop will last 1 hour and a recording will be available if you can’t attend live. Once you book your space you will be sent an email with the log in details for Zoom.

I look forward to sharing a virtual cuppa with you as we explore the first part of The Fools Journey to help you take your Tarot readings skills to the next level. Details of the workshop exploring the second part of the fools journey will be released next week.

With love,

Linda Hughes. Scottish psychic medium, Tarot reader, Tarot teacher
and founder of Mindful Wishes.

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