How to be a confident Tarot reader

There are two very important elements to consider when looking to improve your confidence in reading Tarot with accuracy for others…

Firstly – Know the cards! Inside out, back to front, upside down, off by heart.

There are lots of sources to learn from, books, online tutorials, the handbook that came with your deck, and other readers and Tarot mentors who willingly share their knowledge. If you don’t know all the individual card meanings off by heart, it’s going to give you a feeling of nervousness before you sit down to read for someone. Even if you disguise it well, that nervous uncertain energy will be picked up by the person you are reading for and it will make them doubt the guidance and insights you give. So do the study, put in the hard work, learn the cards and you’ll instantly feel more confident in your abilities.

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Secondly – Your confidence as a reader is directly connected to your personal confidence. If you don’t feel confident about who you are as a person, this will affect your ability to read with confidence.

You and the Tarot cards work together in a reading. The cards provide the main points, and you as the reader bring your own personality, interpretation and wisdom to the table every time you read.

So if you know the cards off by heart yet still feel a lack of confidence in reading for others, look closely at your life and identify the areas you don’t feel fully confident and make a commitment to yourself to work on those areas to improve them.

Perhaps you lack confidence in speaking your mind, feel unheard, or feel like your opinion doesn’t matter to those around you? Spend more time more those who value, respect and support you to improve this.

Perhaps you are a a little stuck in your comfort zone and don’t try new things often? Think of small ways you can change this to build your confidence gradually, one step at a time. Read a new book that is out with your normal go to genre. Try talking a different path the next time you go out for a walk. Explore your creative side by listening to new music, dancing with freedom of expression or take on a new arts and crafts project.

It’s also worth noting that often when we have things going wrong in our personal relationships, we feel a sense of “who are we to be advising others?” So if this is the case for you, work on those relationships to find compromise, peace and harmony. You don’t need to have a perfect life and perfect relationships to read Tarot for others, in fact having had difficulties in those areas and having learned lessons, can help you guide and advise others better, but you will feel more confident in your ability as a reader if you are actively working to sort out any relationship issues.

Set yourself a goal. If you’ve nothing to aspire to achieve on a regular basis out with your Tarot journey, then life become stale and your reading will feel stuck and stale too. As your personal life and readings are so interconnected, the more small and achievable goals you set for yourself in life, the more your will be ready, willing and able to expand your confidence and knowledge as a reader. To take on new challenges, to read for more people, to be more visible in your work to attract new people to read for.

These are just some examples, but if you feel like you are lacking confidence in your readings when you know the card meanings, identify where you need to grow in confidence in your own life, do the work, and watch the accuracy and transformation you provide for the people you read for sky rocket!

With love,

Linda Hughes. Spiritual Medium, Tarot reader and teacher, and founder of Mindful Wishes.

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