This is no ordinary cup of tea…and I have no ordinary life. I live a life enchanted!



tea3As I take out the white cup and saucer, pop in a tea bag and fill the cup with boiling hot water, I pause for a second to appreciate the transformation that is about to happen. For this may look like an ordinary cup of tea, but what I am about to do for the recipient of this lovingly prepared tea is far from ordinary.

For this cup of tea is about to become a gateway to another realm. The information I will feel, hear, see and perceive when looking at the tea leaves that remain once the recipient has drank this tea will allow me to travel through space and time to see into their past, present and future. It will provide me with insight into their emotions, their physical pains, their life traumas and triumphs. Most importantly, it will become a portal that connects me with their loved ones in spirit and enable me to bring through messages of love and specific details of the person in spirits life which will confirm their energy and essence lives on beyond the boundaries of the physical world.

This is no ordinary cup and I live no ordinary life. I live a life enchanted!

This form of divination is called Tasseography and it’s just one of many tools I use as a Psychic Medium to connect people with their loved ones in spirit and to assist them in discovering more about themselves, their full potential, their soul calling and help them overcome any challenges they are facing in life.

I assist them in unravelling the truth about who they are….who we are. Beings of Light, capable of so much more than the fast-paced, consumer driven material world we live in would have us believe.

Just a few short years ago I would have never believed I would making such a positive impact on the lives of so many people, let alone in this way. I would have accused anyone who had predicted such a thing of madness. That is until my true self and soul purpose emerged from my own madness.

This particular cup of tea had been prepared for a very beautiful, elegant woman with blonde hair, a warm smile and who was adorned in the most captivating spiritual jewellery. Sat with her friend who had also come into the café I work in to have her tea leaves read, they had enjoyed chatting to each other and catching up over tea and cake.
I nervously joined them at their table and introduced myself. I had only been working there a few short weeks so my confidence was yet to build and my own confusion about how I was able to give accurate readings to complete strangers still baffled me.

Traditionally, tea leaf readings were conducted by the Spey wives of Scotland for each other as they gathered round their kitchen tables in order to see what the signs and symbols the leaves revealed about the day ahead. Much like the farmers and crofters who would look to the sky, the constellations, nature and the weather to predict what their harvests would yield and any adjustments to their cultivation of crops to get the best, most financially rewarding results. This was always about reading the signs the Universe provided and really connecting with the unseen world around them to adjust their daily choices to make the best of life. So as a medium using this form of divination, I always try to incorporate this traditional way of reading into my work alongside connecting with spirits, for which I need no tools at all. Just stillness of mind and presence.

As both of them gazed upon me in anticipation over what I was going to tell them I silently asked spirit to step forward and join us at the table. As I looked in the first lady’s cup a huge rainbow filled the bottom of it and as I was trying to gather all my knowledge of spiritual signs and symbols to interpret what this could represent for her, I felt the presence of a man join us. For me this is experienced by a tingling sensation down the right side of my body. (The tingles appear on the left if the spirit is female.)
From out of nowhere as I tried to run through my internal encyclopaedia of spiritual knowledge and meanings for a rainbow, he gently placed the thought into my mind ,



”That’s my name”. “Let her know I am still with her every day and that she was and still is, the love of my life.”

A nervous laugh spilled out of me and I immediately apologized to the woman for what I was about to say, explaining I was new to this line of work and was most likely wrong as the information I had just received seemed a bit bizarre to me. I was softening the blow as I expected to be looked at with eyes that simply stated how mad I actually may still be. With a deep breath to calm my nerves, I passed on the message.

“I have connected with a man in spirit, who says his name is Rainbow, which clearly can’t be right. He has shown me you were his partner in life and wants you to know he still loves you very much and is with you every day.”

I almost avoided making eye contact as I blurted it out as I was sure it would be met with a disappointed sigh or the verbal confirmation I was waiting on that I was indeed just mad, a fraud even and that my determination to pursue this gift and daringness to try to develop it further had been a mistake.

To my utter amazement, a single tear rolled down the woman’s right check and as she trembled, she confirmed the information was accurate in its entirety.
Rainbow was indeed his full Christian name, given to him by his free-spirited parents and they had shared many years together as a happy and devoted couple.

This was all the woman had come to hear and I had met all her expectations in just a few short sentences. The instant healing and level of comfort that was brought to this woman was palpable and I went on to confidently finish the reading with more accurate information and insight into her current challenges in life.

I was in flow and the second reading for her friend followed with ease, confirming worries of a serious health scare she was living with at that precise time. I was able to reassure her the illness had not returned for a second time like she believed and test results she would receive in the coming weeks would confirm this.

Both women now return to see me regularly and I am delighted to report back the serious illness had indeed not returned for a second time, exactly as I had known.

I have conducted over 1200 one-to one readings for people over the past 6 months alone, but chose to begin my story by sharing this one with you. This was the day I put my complete trust in spirit, in my own abilities as a medium and in the powerful healing and sense of peace that can be obtained when we connect with our loved ones who have transitioned and connect with the mystical side of ourselves that normally lies dormant which can  empower us to make different choices and ultimately change the course of our lives.

The gift of mediumship for me only emerged after a complete breakdown a few years ago. Emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually and financially broken, my old self imploded and from the ashes of my broken spirit, the true me erupted into life. Like a dormant volcano with fire rising and over spilling from every crack, my fire, passion and light broke through the cracks of my being and created something new in its place. Gone was the old self I had come to know and identify with for the past 37 years, the one that had suffered enough, the one that had endured enough emotional trauma to last several lifetimes. Like so many of us experience, my own breakdown was really an awakening in disguise. Finally culminating in 17 stroke like symptoms that left me unable to walk and talk, from which I am now fully recovered, all thanks to a combined bio-energy and channelled healing that removed all 17 physical symptoms in under one hour without anyone touching me.


You can watch an Interview I gave about my instantaneous healing HERE.


With a global outbreak in the Western World of depression and anxiety running simultaneously as a huge amount of ordinary people experience symptoms of spiritual awakening, I wish to explore the connection between the two. I believe the breaking down is actually the beginning of “waking up” and our constant connection to a virtual world, excessive consumer consumption and our addiction to the material world is gradually collapsing in order for us to raise our consciousness both individually and collectively. Are we witnessing and experiencing our conscious evolution in motion?


By sharing more of my story and the process of breaking down and waking up, in upcoming blogs and a book I am currently writing, I hope to explore this theory further, in addition to helping others overcome their own breakdowns and offer insight into creating a life that invokes enchantment and which can sustain the newly formed “awakened self ” that emerges.


With love,


If you wish to book a private reading in person or via skype, please do so HERE.



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